What can you do when there’s nothing left to do?

By Ben T.

Have you ever felt you are hopeless and so useless?  I feel this especially when I lose things that I cherish or need in my life.  Some may say move on but I know something else that can help a lot.

When I feel this way, I get on my knees and pray to my Heavenly Father.  You do not need to say specific memorized words to pray to Him; you can say anything that comes from your heart. Sometimes you may not be able to pray if you are in public or something else may be holding you back.  You can always talk to your Father in Heaven because He is always listening even if it is a silent prayer.  He taught us to pray always.

I lose things more then I should.  One day I came home and felt that something was missing.  I reached for my pockets and felt my phone on my right side.  I touched my left pocket expecting to feel my wallet but instead felt the empty pant pocket.  I was shocked.  A while before this, I had my other wallet stolen and knew of the great deal of time it took to replace all the essentials I kept in my wallet.  My teammate from speed skating had given me a new one and jokingly told me not to lose this one.  I thought the world was ending.  I looked everywhere over and over.  It was getting late and I had searched for quite some time.  I tried to retrace every step and thought of every possibility but was unsuccessful.  I was starting to think it was lost forever.  Then I did one more thing — I prayed.  After I prayed, I retraced my steps again.  A thought came to me.  My mom told me to take garbage from the car to the garbage bins.  I thought the idea was crazy but went to the backyard to open the bin.  I searched the garbage and sure enough, hiding in the garbage was my wallet.

I found my wallet and knew that my Heavenly Father was watching over me, even though it was for something silly.  He cares about all of our problems, big or small.  You may not always get the answer you really want and it may come to you differently then you expected, but remember to pray always.

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  1. Don Allred Reply

    Ben, like you I believe that prayer will help us in work, family life and in all parts or our life.

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