How Can We Support Our Parents?

By Guest Blogger Brequel

At our last Stake Conference, the Elder leading the meeting asked our newly called Stake President to keep his hands in the air. He then told the new counselors in the Stake Presidency they could help him after he had already held his hands up for about 5 minutes because in a very real way the counselors were helping the Stake president hold up the responsibility of his calling.

This could also be a metaphor for parents and children. Parenthood isn’t a calling in church. You don’t get asked by a member of the bishopric to become a parent. Parenthood is a huge responsibility and as children we with the burden our parents carry. It is important as youth to help keep the arms of our parents up.

We can do this by not just being ready to participate in Family Home evening but actually helping to conduct it.

We can also help around the house by cleaning our room or other duties.

For older youth getting ready for our own lives, we can watch what our parents are doing and prepare for our own family and duties. You can watch how they participate, in their decision making skills or maybe even arguments. Couples usually go into marriage not knowing anything about their new husband’s or wife’s living habits which may be a surprise. Ask your parents questions to share their thoughts about anything. They will probably tell you.

We also need to follow the prophet. All the prophets have given us revelation. Their guidance is found in the scriptures and in general conference. Following the prophet can also mean following revelation through our stake presidents and bishops that go either for our whole stake or our families individually. We need to listen and follow them as well; even our teachers in church on Sunday. They serve us and teach us through the revelation of the prophets or their own revelation on what we as the youth or adults need to hear and I know that to be true.

We also need to be respectful. You know those days when every lesson is just perfect and you know it was meant straight to you? We need to realize some Sundays someone might be waiting for that lesson and we can’t draw the spirit away because we’re irreverent.

Your parents also receive revelation for your family. Trust in your parents to tell you the right thing. I know the spirit tells them what they need to know for you individually.  Even though parents can seem stupid and always wrong, you’ll soon realize the spirit told them to say something to you or do something for you and if you disobey them you disobey Him. If you put your parents’ actions in that perspective you’ll have less disobedience going on in your family.

I know by following the prophet you are also following a dozen people down the line because it is all the same principles and it is everlasting. I love this gospel and I know it to be true. I know by helping your parents and listening and obeying them you will receive many blessings in your life and will receive the blessing to live with your family forever.

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  1. Christa Zander Reply

    This article is so true. When I was 18 years old I obeyed my mother by leaving East Germany with her and my younger sister. I myself did not want to leave, because I had a boyfriend and planed on getting married and stay in East Germany. The spirit told my mother to leave. I was the one who earned money for the family, so I left with her and was obedient. It turned out it was the best decision that I made. From West Germany I was called on a mission and my life went in a completely different direction.

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