Hinckley’s Nine Be’s

By Ambree

One of my favorite quotes of all time is found in a book titled “Way to Be” by President Gordon B. Hinckley, a beloved prophet and former president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints . He said, “Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful, Be Positive, Be Still, and Be Involved.” When I first thought about those 9 – “Be’s” and how they relate to my life I could see that I could improve on each one of them.  I also knew that if I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to help me make improvements in my life then He could make my weaknesses become my strengths (see Ether 12:27).

I picked “Be Positive” to work on first, so I went to work by praying and reading my scriptures every single day trying not to miss one day so I could have the Spirit with me.   Then whenever someone had a negative attitude around me, I wouldn’t give in and start being negative with them. If I had a negative thing to say, I would replace it with something positive.  This took a lot of effort at first, and then I noticed that it got easier to be more positive.  I felt better – even happier about myself, my friends, and everything in my life.  The more I acted, the more I noticed a change in my attitude, and my family and friends could tell that I was happier and wanted to be around me.  President Hinckley was right – the prophet always is!  Put the 9 “Be’s” to the test in your own life and see what happens – it will change your life for the better.


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  1. Alexis Reply

    This is do inspiring and I have the 9 be’s stamped above my door in my bedroom! Keep on being amazing..luv ya girly!

    • Wendy Selu Reply

      I have tried to live by the B’s that President Hinckley gave us. Thanks for the reminder . I love the one Be Still, when you quiet your mind, in the midst of difficult trials, the spirit the Spirit can come to you and give you His tender mercies, open up your heart and help bring peace to you and your soul. I know that Heavenly Father knows our struggles but we need to be still to get our answers.

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