Why Does it Feel So Good to Help Others?

By Ambree:

My family took a tour of one of the local food banks and the guide told us about how many people go hungry in our community. I couldn’t believe how many teenagers my age and children my little brothers and sisters ages go without food every single day. Never in my life have I gone hungry. I wanted to help, but how? At the end of the tour, the guide invited us to donate canned goods, and encouraged us to return and join other volunteers in our community who help sort canned foods, decorate boxes that are delivered to the elderly with food in it, and even deliver boxed goods to those in need.

My family was excited to help, because it was something we could all do together. We went each month during the summer to help. My favorite part was watching my parents and my siblings laughing and talking together. That good feeling not only affected our family, but all the other families and volunteers too. It feels good to do something that helps people in need. I loved being a part of something big that was doing something good. After that summer was over our family kept going each month. We grew closer together and we started inviting neighbors and extended family to come with us. It was fun to watch our guests experience the same good feeling we felt.

Service has changed the way I think about others and myself. It is the only antidote for pride. It also can help us think positive about the people around us. The good feelings we feel inside from doing service is the Spirit – God’s spirit telling us that what we are doing is right. Even the little acts of service can give us a good, warm and cozy felling inside.

I know that Jesus Christ wants us to do good in the world. He went about “doing good” and He invites us to become like Him. If we help others, we can be better people through our actions and words. We can make the world a better place by helping others who are going through challenges – just like the Savior did. For example, shoveling snow for an elderly person, or talking with a person who is feeling lonely. Everyone can do kind acts of services and receive comfort and blessings from our Heavenly Father.

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  1. Jonathan Reply

    Ambree, You and your family are a great example to us all. As you have said, service will help us to overcome pride. As we follow the Savior, we will find ourselves with many opportunities to give service. Each time we give of ourselves, we will be blessed with peace and joy. Our world needs a lot more peace and joy.

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