Every Person has Goodness Within

By Guest Blogger Kaitlyn B.

I know for a fact that every person who has lived and will ever life on this earth has goodness in them. Even serial killers and other criminals. God doesn’t make mistakes. Every person he has created has goodness and so much potential. If we all didn’t have good in us why would we be here? The more I know a person, the more goodness I see, and the more I love them.


About a year ago a group of my friends was getting together to do some math homework. There was one girl in our group I didn’t know well, but we ended up going to her house. Like I said before, I didn’t know her, though I had many opportunities to get to know her, and didn’t think much of her. She was just there. As we were finishing our homework and my friends started to leave I found myself alone with her. I was prepared to make small talk and was afraid it would be really awkward. But as we started talking we had a really good conversation. We ended up talking about our families, and she told me a little about her family’s problems. I suddenly realized how amazing she was, I was able to just see her goodness and feel of her spirit. Despite her problems, she was always so kind to everyone, and was always smiling and serving others.

In those few minutes I came to love her, with the kind of love I believe the Savior would share. Now she is one of my closest friends, and as I continue to get to know her better I see even more goodness, and love her even more. Because of this experience I was able to truly understand our worth in the sight of God, and all of our potential and greatness. When we are able to look at others as the Savior would, we will be able to see their goodness, and come to love them as He does. #ShareGoodness

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  1. Marilyn Barlow Reply

    Great post. You have captured the true Spirit of Christ. We all need to be reminded that we are one of the good guys and all those here on earth are given the same blessings of returning. I think we forget that sometimes and you have lbrought it back to the front of my mind. Thank you

  2. Mike baker Reply

    Nice job. Great reminder. It’s important to look at the good people have within them.

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