Seeing Others as Christ Sees Them

by Tommy

In the book by Allen Paton, “Cry the Beloved Country”, the main character, John Kumalo, (he is a black priest) is on his way to a town that is about 15 miles away. The book takes place in South Africa in the 1940s, so racism is at a high. He can’t take the bus, because they charge a lot more money to black men. While he starts to make the long walk to the town, a man stops by him in his car, leans out the window, and tells him that he can drive him to the town. The man is white, and isn’t charging any money, but he drives back and forth, driving people who can’t take the bus. John was extremely grateful, and from then on, he always tried to be more selfless.

The man that drove him didn’t see him as some black man on the street, he saw him as a child of God.

I used to go to school with a good friend of mine. He is kind of different from other people. He talks a lot, and he’s pretty loud. That’s not a bad thing, he is really friendly and kind, but lots of people label him as annoying, and make fun of him. They don’t directly mock him, but they basically tell him to get lost in a way that isn’t as direct. This really, really bothers me. What they see when they interact with him, is a kid who talks a lot and is much too loud. This is an extremely poor point of view. What they should see, is a kid who has had a totally different life, someone with an entirely different lifestyle, beliefs, thoughts, parents, siblings, house, and mind. When you look at him like that, he doesn’t seem obnoxious at all. You see him as a child of God. It lets you see him in the same way Christ saw all men. Seeing everyone like this is skill that we all need to learn. When we forget our own worries and cares, our judgments, and our labels of others, the sooner we lose ourselves and love others, the closer we get to God.

Christ saw everyone as children of God. He knew that every man and woman was a child of God, and he treated them as such. He was THE SON OF GOD yet he dined with sinners. He healed anyone who would believe in him and he shows the same kindness to us every day. Barely anyone even notices him helping them, yet he still does it. Every minute of every day he is watching over us.

There are lots of people that have made bad decisions, and it’s easy to judge them for it. When you see a kid at school, or a coworker at your job, that really looks like they have lost their way, instead of seeing them as lost causes, see them as children of God. Think about it, God is watching them every day, hoping to bring them back to his light, and the person to help them can easily be you.

The sooner we can learn to see people like Christ does, the happier we will be, the more hearts we can touch, and the more we can grow our testimony of Christ.

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