Inspirational Interactive Storybooks for Kids

By Eric

I simply love children’s books. The idea of digging deep into my imagination and telling a story with pictures and characters seemed amazing. Many evenings were spent in deep imagination with pen and pencil in hopes of following a dream. Fast forward a couple of decades and I find myself working as a graphic designer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My workspace is typical; a computer, phone, and job folders. Some days it feels like there is very little time to think about being creative, deadlines loom and the work just needs to get done.

About three years ago while having lunch with a co-worker we asked the question, “how could we be more creative and make a difference?” The result was a group of employees that worked on a short animation about a young boy giving his coat away to another boy in need. Each Friday afternoon we would meet at the Nauvoo Cafe and drink the only Diet Cokes you can find on Church campus and review the latest work on The Coat. Eventually, The Coat was released as an animated short, interactive storybook, and a feature article in Friend magazine.

From this experience came a desire to create an animation/digital books team to create content for children, which is now a reality. My workspace looks at little different now with sketchbooks, storyboards, and a collection of mobile devices for testing.

On December 19, 2014 an app designed specifically to focus on content for children was released. The vision is to create beautiful storybooks for kids that will teach, inspire and feel the warmth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is anticipated that a new book will be released each month with interactivity, original artwork/animation and narration. The app will be a partnership with the Mormon Channel, Friend magazine and Church artists and developers to create and deliver media specifically focusing on children.

Mormon Channel Kids can be found at the following mobile app stores:



The creation of the app has been a wonderful experience and the future and potential appear limitless. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest story ever told and it is exciting to it spread using technology.

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