We Are All Cakes

By Guest Blogger Amber


Everyone goes through trials daily. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to become stronger. I’ve learned a few things due to obstacles throughout my life.  One of those things is that I wouldn’t be able to get through hardships without our Savior and His love.

I like to think about an analogy a speaker once shared with me: We are all cakes. At first I thought it was weird, until he started talking about it more. ”We’re cakes baking in an oven, asking to get taken out,” he said. “But if that were to happen, we wouldn’t become a cake. We need to go through the heat to become a cake. Bitter ingredients are essential to make a cake. They’re the foundation. It couldn’t become a cake if you only used sweet ingredients. The baker takes tender care of the cake so it’ll be as perfect as it can be. God is the baker, and he knows whether we’ll be fine or not.” I thought it was a very interesting but simple way to think about how our lives really are. God is with us 24/7, helping us every inch of the way to glory and happiness.

God shows our weaknesses to us as we get to know Him. As we get to know Him, we get to know ourselves. No matter how good we are, we can’t get anywhere without Him. I’ve come to realize who I really am as a person by building my relationship with God, and realizing how much I am loved by Him has helped me a lot.

I know many of us have doubted our Lord’s love for us. About a year ago, I used to think, ”How could someone who claims to love me so much, put me through so many hard things?” Then, I remembered this. He was the one who died for each sin that we were going to make. He felt every emotion we felt. He felt the emotions we would feel each time we were sad over not having good grades, to the times where we would be crying and begging help. He bled through every pore. He did that because he loves us. He saved us.

I love my Savior. Thinking about the day I will get to see Him, with His kind and loving eyes, almost brings me to tears. I will know then that I’ve made it through the hardest trial He’s given to us: Life.

If you can turn to God in the hardest times in your life, I promise you that He will help you. He loves you more than you can comprehend, and you can go ahead and deny it like I did. But I testify that His love for you is truly undeniable. God sometimes says things that we don’t want to hear, but He is an honest God and the truth makes us better and closer to Him.

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